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OffGun Official Lightstick

OffGun Official Lightstick

DEADLINE OF ORDERING: Until stocks last

DEADLINE OF PAYMENT: Pay as you order

DETAILS: Under Normal ETA / Via Sea Cargo


  • OFFGUN OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK, co-designed by Off & Gun – light stick in the shape of a baby bottle (that refers to Babii), 'OG' logo in the midst of adorable and colorful decorations, 'OG' symbol power button, wrist strap with the 'OG' logo on the front and 'OFFGUN' on the back.


    Product Details 


    Design: co-designed by Off & Gun

    Colors: 14 colors

    Lighting modes: flashing light, steady light, and RGB multi-color

    System: CENTRAL CONTROL apps for altering colors during concerts.

    Material: ABS and Acrylic

    Size: 20.3 cm


Ordering and Payment

  • Order will be automatically cancelled if unpaid by the deadline.
  • After payment, fill-out the payment form.
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